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3x Mang Luk Power Slim Fast Weight Loss Herbal Dietary Supplement - Asia Skin

Mang Luk Power Slim Fast Weight Loss 30 capsules *BESTSELLER*

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3x Mang Luk Power Slim Fast Weight Loss Herbal Dietary Supplement
Mang Luk Power Slim made from natural herbs. Safe production technology Modern help modify eating behavior to a minimum. And accelerate fat metabolism. The excess in the body even more.   
Mang Luk Power Slim for? - No time to exercise - obesity after birth - eat little by little - resistant to it - metabolism bad - fat yoyo effect - fast,  affordable, comfortable worth more than the price not disappointed.
- Basil 500 mg.
   - The Raa Bon Diamond 500 mg.
   - L-carnitine 500 mg.
    - Fiber, 500 mg.
   - White Bean 500 mg.
   - Collagen 50 mg.
    - Vitamin B 6 50 mg.
   - Orange 11 mg.
   - Aloe Vera 23 mg.
Condition: new, never open

Size: 30 tablets/3 boxes of 10

Product Origin: Thailand
- Helps the digestive system to be more efficient.
- Helps regulate sugar levels in the blood.
- Can reduce the accumulation of fat in the blood.
- Helps control hunger, eat less, reduce stomach size.
- Reduce the absorption of fat is essential for health. And eliminate toxins
- Helped curb the accumulation of excess fat in the body. And loss of appetite as well.
1-2 capsules a day, 30 minutes before meals. 
For people who never taking one pill before breakfast or lunch. 
Resistance for the two tablets before breakfast or lunch with a glass of water 2-3. 
During the day, eat plenty of water to stimulate the metabolism of at least 8-12 cups / day. 

Mechanism of action of Mangluk Power Slim Herb seeds resistant formula.

Returns to the action by the end of the working time Hamburg atp citrate lyaase cycle krebs cycle (cycle of glucose. Cells of the body)
It also makes the import of sugar. The food was rice and sugar is converted to fat by the body.
And will be used as energy. It is refreshing body fatigue
And when the blood sugar is not broken. It makes sense to reduce food with the hungry.
At the same time, it can lead to accumulation of energy reserves in the form of glycogen in the liver.
The body recognizes that there is enough power to make you feel hungry.
It also has the urge to pull the fat out of energy.
The fat accumulation is reduced, which will take effect. Good shape Skin clearly improved
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