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2017 snail moisturizing anti-wrinkle moist eye cream - Asia Skin

2017 snail moisturizing anti-wrinkle moist eye cream

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Repair the multi-effect eye essence


H2O, Enzyme Extract, Vitamin C, Honey, Squalane, Glycerin, Luba Oil, Daily Flavor, Kapo 940


It's a new good news Eye Roll-on essence with it innovative massage ball design. with the perfect combination of the enzyme essence with massage techniques,rich enzymes nutrition essence mixes in the essence each droplet can penetrate the skin around the eye with rapid speed,so that fibers lost of elastic and lost skin collagen can recice. Eliminate and prevent eye problems:inject the secret of the young elastic into the eyes skin.
USAGE: Before make-up or removing the makeup,use the ball gently rolling massage the skin around the eyes,the containing liquid outflow following that automatically,or can also be apply with fingertips and spread it to help absorption.

The importance of eye cream:

1, eye skin is the body's thinnest skin, while the most active parts, but also make up the number of pull the skin up to the place, very easy to grow wrinkles, and once it grows very difficult to eliminate, except who is not Willing to own beautiful eyes early birth annoying fish tail, learn to take care of the eyes from the start with the eye cream.

2, the use of eye cream age:

Eye cream for most people who are necessary. In some special circumstances, should be early use of eye cream, especially the skin is relatively dry women, and this proportion of women is still relatively high.

It is understood that 18-24 years of age accounted for the majority of neutral skin, but the neutral skin easily at some time showing partial dry or partial oil state. The second factor for the season, many places more and more dry, especially in today's global phenomenon of warm winter, so a long time the air humidity getting smaller and smaller, and heating, air conditioner for a long time, so that facial water, eye skin bear the brunt . The third is overuse, the majority of modern professional women can not do without the text and computer, coupled with a large number of newspapers, video disc dominate the leisure time, eye muscles extremely tired, leading to eye premature skin wrinkles appear.

Use: Eye
Item Type: Cream
Feature: Moisturizing,Anti-Aging,Anti-Puffiness,Dark Circle
Ingredient: Aloe essence
Gender: Female
NET WT: 15ml

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